Design from all over the world.

During his career and traveling the world Marco Ouwerkerk, CEO and owner of Hans Boodt
Mannequins, has been inspired by many interesting, creative people and by the
many influences from all over the world. From Design, architecture, concepting,
high-tech innovation and art, he increasingly felt the need to merge certain
elements to create the next cool work. I-DO was born....

Combining the heritage of developing shop window mannequins of the past with the
innovative 3D design capabilities of today is where Marco takes his inspiration.

He reached out to several designers around the world and put them in touch with artists
who brought the extra layer into the design.

With the in-house knowledge at Hans Boodt Mannequins, they are able to convert any
design into a 3D file that can be edited into an object.

Innovation versus craftsmanship.